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Time To Concentrate On Rodent Control

Time to concentrate on rodent control

Time to concentrate on rodent control


It’s the time of year for us to concentrate on rodent control.

Rats and mice are obvious by gnaw marks, droppings and tracks but mice are curious where rats are cautious.

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Mice live indoors and outdoors, in built up or rural areas.  They will build a nest near a food source and have a litter of five or six usually, upto ten times a year.  They can begin to reproduce at as young as six weeks old!  Most breeds can fit through a 6mm hole and are mostly nocturnal, they are very agile and can jump 300 or 400mm high.  These small vermin can be caught in a humane trap, although they should be taken three to five miles away before being released.


Rats need at least half an ounce of liquid every day and if this isn’t available in their food, they will seek it, which is when they are likely to burrow under buildings or fences.  They can squeeze through a hole as small as 12mm in diameter.  They swim and climb, so can live in sewers and get into buildings through broken drains or toilets.  Rats follow a path or “rat run” and will return to a source of food, water or shelter every day, usually staying within a 600 yard radius.


We have rat and mouse bait in several forms, cages and traditional traps.  Sachets are a great choice for easy placement.  Bait stations use the preformed problocks.  Place traps along a wall and in a sheltered area if possible.

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New regulations stop us from selling the large packs of bait without seeing a certificate of competence.  Free training courses are available from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB):  



Tunnel and scissor mole traps are also available off the shelf.

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