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We are open Mon to Fri 8am – 5pm Sat 8am – 12 noon ~ Closed Bank Holidays & Christmas week
The history of Bonnetts

Our family-run Business moved to Lynn Road in Stoke Ferry in 1909.  My husbands’ Great-Grandfather, Thomas Bonnett ran the business, helped by his sons until his death in 1922.  His son Thomas B Bonnett (pictured in shirt-sleeves in the photo) had his own Blacksmith Business at Ruskington, in Lincolnshire but came home to help his mother and brothers run the Business until his death in 1952.  My Mother-in-Law, his Daughter, with the help of two staff continued until my Husband, her Son – John Stocking, was old enough to take over when in 2005 tragically he too died. Myself and my two sons, Chris and Paul have since continued with the family tradition.

The heart of Stoke Ferry in Norfolk

Very much a part of the community since 1909

Original Thomas B Bonnett

Over the years the Business has changed and expanded to keep up to date with demand.  When it started the two forges were in constant use, but with the decline of this type of work the first forge was dismantled in the 70’s to make way for a sales area. As we expanded and needed more office space the second forge had to go and is now the main office.

We have a wonderful team and this is our strength, unlike the ‘big boys’ ‘Bonnett’s’ has a passionate team of wonderful people who love what they do. If they haven’t got it they will try to get it for you, and if they don’t know the answer they will try to find someone who does.
– Janet Stocking – Partner