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Frosty Weather

Cold weather consumables

Cold weather consumables

It’s here! and we have all the cold weather consumables that you need!  Pop in for De-icer, Antifreeze and Rock Salt as well as many other helpful products this time of year.


Rock Salt

Get rid of icy patches with a sprinkling of Rock Salt from Thomas B Bonnett in Stoke Ferry.  Rock salt is actually “Halite”, a mineral formed from Sodium Chloride.  It is gathered when large body of water evaporate, here in England.  This is what you see the Council lorries spreading on the roads at night when a frost has been forecast.



Interestingly, Antifreeze and Coolant are the same product, how Clever!  But Why do they come in varying colours?

Originally, there was green antifreeze, which tended to be a Glycol-based product has a quick acting silicate which inhibits corrosion and is most useful in extreme temperatures.  This is universal, it could be used in almost any engine but needed changing regularly.

Now there is the Organic Acid Technology Antifreezes which have no silicants so it’s longer lasting but not as fast acting.  Confusingly, different manufacturers dye this different colours but pink is popular.

And blue, a Mono Ethylene Glycol based product, suitable for old and new vehicles, which coats the inside of the pipe to stop it freezing so it’s most common but needs changing around every 20,000 – 30,000 miles.



We have the standard tins of De-icer, but it’s usually a cold tin in the cold air and I could hardly bear to spray all the windows on my car so we now also sell a trigger spray which isn’t as cold on my poor fingers!  A great idea, I hope you agree.


If you have any questions about anything (Bonnett’s related), please look up our number on the contact page or drop us a line








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