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Keeping warm.

Winter has settled in and we want you to make sure you’re Keeping warm.  Call in for fuel and fireside accessories to carry you through to spring.

Customers can buy everyday consumables such as firelighters and kindling, matches, coal and wood.  We also stock all sorts of fireside accessories such as companion sets, log baskets, grates, coal scuttles, ash pans and fire guards.


We sell National Coal who use good quality English coal from the last mine in Yorkshire.  The House Coal is currently £8.40 including VAT for 25kg and the Smokeless, which we feel burns hotter, longer and leaves less residue is £11.76.  Big K supply us with long lasting, high radiant heat, economical Heat Logs, made from by-products of managed forests and recycled wood.  A pack of 12 logs is only £5.00 including VAT.

Sitting in front of a crackling fire can be very relaxing but if you suffer with smoke escaping into the room, this can be easily rectified by opening a window a crack to improve air supply.

If your wood smoulders or hisses as it burns, it may be that you’ve got wet wood.  Two logs should make more of a crack than a thud if you knock them together before putting them on a fire.

If you have any questions, you can find our contact details and opening hours on our contact page.

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