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We are open Mon to Fri 8am – 5pm Sat 8am – 12 noon ~ Closed Bank Holidays & Christmas week
Power Cut

Power Cut

Power Cut

We have advance warning of a planned power cut on Tuesday, but we’ll still be open, especially if you need camping gas, torches or batteries.

Solid Fuel

Of course, we have coal, firelighters and kindling if you need to get that open fire or wood burner going.  House Coal is currently £8.40 including VAT and Smokeless Coal is £11.76.  Kindling is £4.20 a bag.


Everyone loves these featured easy to handle, blue rubber torches at only £4.00 each or the Draper Redline 14 LED Pocket Torches (below) for only £6.00.  We still keep the old fashioned, bulkier, lantern torches too that are always popular.

We stock batteries of all varieties and discount packs are available at a Snip!

You can still contact us as usual, the phones and computers should be OK.

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