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Be Safe Be Seen

Be Safe and Be Seen with Thomas B Bonnett

Here at Bonnett’s we want to help you to be safe and be seen during the darker, colder months ahead.

Driving and Car Care:

winter driving survival

This time of year it is advisable to store a cold weather kit in your car, with items such as:
A warm blanket, small water bottles (that thaw more easily), flask of hot water, snacks, 1st aid kit + personal medication, Hi-vis for yourself + a warning triangle.

For more safety advice go to:
where the RAC have a large selection of helpful seasonal guides.





Here at Thomas B. Bonnett we stock the following items that should be kept in your car:
Qualube Universal Antifreeze (1l or 5L)
Bradex Easy Start 300ml spray
Snow shovels, Ice scrapers, Torches and Batteries


Walking and working:

It is also very important to be safe and be seen if you are out walking or working whilst the mornings and evenings are darker.


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