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Gloves and gauntlets

Gloves and gauntlets

Man Alive!  Do we have Gloves and gauntlets!  When one looks, to see what we should create a blog about, gloves don’t seem Very exciting but Goodness Me, we have so many varieties!


Disposable and single use gloves

We have boxes of disposable gloves in Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile.  All the disposable gloves that we stock are waterproof, non-sterile and are ambidextrous so if you only use gloves on your right hand there are 200 uses in a box.  We are aware that there are many people out there with latex allergies but for those of us with a choice, here are the differences:

Latex gloves are made of natural rubber, they are comfortable, flexible and allow the user to feel what they are doing.  These gloves are good for protecting against bacteria.  These tend to be a tighter fit and come pre-powdered for easier wearing and have a smooth finish.

Nitrile gloves are synthetic, more durable and good for protecting against chemicals, although they do tend to be the pricier option.  These gloves come with texture to assist in slippery jobs but are powder free inside.

Vinyl gloves are more cost effective than both the other options and still resistant to chemicals but have a looser fit.  They are powder free and available in small, medium and large sizes.

Bricky gloves

We have a few different types of hard wearing builders gloves with rubber palms.  There are the thicker, knitted variety, the thinner gloves, the “Dexi-flex” brand and the thermal grip gloves with latex.  They are all good for outdoors work, available in several sizes, but not necessarily waterproof.


PVC gloves

Scan make a red PVC knitwrist glove that is fully coated to protect against oil, grease and most household chemicals.  They are resistant to tears and abrasions and have a knitted band at the wrist to help stop dust infiltration.


Rigger gloves

These cowsplit leather gloves are double stitched with reinforced palms, fingers and knuckle straps, quite forgiving but cumbersome to be honest.  Great for heaving heavy stuff, fencing and anything that doesn’t need fine detail.  We also have the Predator gloves which are a softer leather and easier for my soft hands.


Rubber gloves

We have more domestic, traditional, rubber gloves for household duties in several sizes.  These gloves, that I am copying from, say patterned for grip, rolled cuff and flock lined.  We also have the Honeywell Nitrile, flock lined gloves in larger sizes, suitable for use with chemicals

Welding gauntlets

If you don’t want to weld, these might come in handy for trimming nasty thorny bushes because as well as being super thick, they have super long cuffs to protect your forearms!

You really must come into the shop in Stoke Ferry to look at the extensive range!

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