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Flies Driving You Mad?

Flies Driving You Mad?

We don’t know what’s going on, but, if the Flies are Driving You Mad, call in for help.

Are the Flies Driving You Mad?  We have everything to help get rid of them in your house.  A variety of fly swats, fly papers, the new fly traps that have been “flying” off the shelf and a selection of sprays.  Have a look at some of the items that we have in stock:


Fly traps

There is a real “Buzz” about these fly traps.  Currently only £6.00 each, you empty the silver packet of ‘bait’ supplied into the bag, mix well with warm water to activate and hang five to ten metres outside your door.  Proven to reduce the number of flies inside.

Window Fly Stickers

Pest-Stop make sticky sunflowers to go in the window that attract and kill flies.  They have no pesticides or odour and are effective for up to three months.  Four stickers in a pack for less than £6.00.

Insect Killing Pen

Rentokil’s multi surface insect killer is a pen that is not sticky, clear and odourless that you can use on any hard surfaces like windows and floors where you have flies or crawling insects.

Fly Papers

What can we say!  Ugly but effective – One of our best sellers, customers can buy boxes of four for only £1.80 including VAT.

Fly Killer Cassette

Another Rentokil product.  This low odour room protector stands discreetly, protecting up to 30 cubic metres against flies, mosquitoes, midges and gnats indoors.  The effects last for up to six months.

Fly Sprays

We have a selection of tins of insecticide ranging in price between £2.50 and £6.00.  Many of you may be interested in the Raid “Protector” fly, wasp and mosquito killer with natural ingredients.  Customers have reported great results.

Let’s not stop at flies though

As you can imagine, we have products for moths, ants, mice and all varieties of pest (family excluded, I’m afraid).

Give us a ring or pop in for advice.



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